Odds & Ends

Also known as, "things not relevant to the story but interesting none the less..."


If you ask the fortune teller in Termina what Nikki's fortune is, she will tell you:

    The reading states that you are a bridge that connects to the other side. Indeed. Two shores, that are separated by an unstoppable stream... It is your role to connect them.

Now, this won't make a lick of sense when you first start playing the game, but it's quite obvious what the fortune means once you learn about his past and complete the storyline for Home Nikki. The two shores are the humans and the demi-humans, and Nikki - the child of a man and mermaid who dreamed of uniting their peoples - is living proof that peace can exist between the two.

Home Nikki tried very hard to convince his father to aid the demi-humans, and then used the song of the demi-humans he learned from the sage to save the Island of Marbule. And really, who better to sing the crap out of some monsters than a rockin' bard superstar who just happens to be a demi-human himself - even if only half demi-human (demi-demi-human?).

Crazed Fans

One little fun thing you can do once you have Nikki in your party is go talk to his fans. One of his fans you can talk to whenever you feel like; an old woman in Another World's Arni Village will be all excited that Nikki's there.

The really fun fans, however, you only have so many chances to talk to. Before you go to Fort Dragonia, there are two girls outside of Nikki's dressing room trying to get in, and if you talk to them the result is as follows:

    Are u Nikki? I am your wife and u are my sweet luvy-duvy!
    Nice to meetchu!

    Yeeeeeahhhhh!!! Nikki's soooo cool!!!

The woman will then go as far as to pass out and lie on the ground twitching! If that isn't quality entertainment, I don't know what is!