"The name of this ship is the S. S. Invincible...!? Then... That means...!"

Nikki's father, who he has been separated from for many years. In Another World he is the captain of the pirate ship S.S. Invincible, and he believes that his children are dead (if he knew they weren't, he probably would have sought them out long ago). He and his crew oppose Lynx, and pretend to be a ghost ship to conceal their whereabouts.

In Home World it's an entirely different story. After his love Zelbess died he turned his ship into a cruise ship and gave up Zelbess' and his dream of bringing together the humans and the demi-humans.


"You must be kidding. Marcy, think it over."

Nikki's younger sister, who he is also separated from. In Another World she serves Lord Viper as the youngest of the four Dragon Devas, and has no idea that she has any family as she was lost to them at a very young age. Even though Nikki recongizes her for who she is right away, she rejects him and he's denied the happy family reunion he hopes for.

In Home World she was still a Dragon Deva, but died along with all those who followed Lord Viper into the Sea of Eden.


"You know... For some reason, the more I look at you, the more nostalgic I feel... "

Zelbess' younger sister, which makes her Nikki's aunt (even though this is never actually acknowledged outright). She is a mermaid, and no mention is made of her in Another World, but in Home World she is desperately trying to save the Island of Marbule and allow the demi-humans to return to their home.


"I personally have great interest in that song. A beautiful song, originating from a beautiful island..."

Nikki's mother, who you never meet because she died many years ago (right around the time Marcy was born). She was a mermaid who fell in love with Fargo, and they dreamed of uniting their two peoples, the humans and the demi-humans, and overcoming years of hatred between the two. Sadly she passed away before it could be realized.


"But don't worry. I'll be back when the gig's over."

Not actually related to Nikki, Miki is a dancer in the Magical Dreamers. In both worlds her life is pretty much the same, though Another World's Miki seems rather airheaded while Home World's does not. As well, Home World's Miki seems somewhat interested in Nikki.

Yu & Mi

"We are just stage support for Nikki and Miki, but..."

Back-up dancers for the Magical Dreamers, they're also no blood relation to Nikki, and they don't really have much in the way of a story to them.